Why Nepal?
Nepal is at the center of a land half the size of North America, with the hinterland population of 2.6 billion. It is a fledgling Parliamentary Democracy with its happy people practicing a peaceful and benevolent religion. The Crime rate in Nepal is low and it is blessed by the beautiful sub-tropical climate and overlooked by the almighty Himalayas, Nepal is truly a picturesque land bordering on paradise. Nepal is endowed with rivers and waterfalls powering the whole country with 100% of its electricity requirements including surplus for export. Even though it is in an earthquake zone, past disasters were only due to poor building standards. Infrastructure in Nepal is good and Communication Network is excellent. The Government welcomes foreign investors, tourists and would like to extend her hospitality to all foreigners.
What is CHER Ecocity?
It is ECO with a zero carbon environment. It is Smart, embracing the latest technology in AI (machine Learning), energy savings and waste recycling. CHER ECO CITY projects emerging nations to uncharted heights, create jobs, brings well-heeled tourists and spur GDP. CHER ECO CITY is economically sustainable and highly profitable.

It is Ultra Luxury, it is Sports, it is Horses, it is Media and it is Healthy Living, it is a Social Hub, a place where stress disappears. It is Humanitarian, it is Stem Cell Therapy, it is Equine Assisted Therapy. It is a place to enjoy and relax.
What is the overall development plan for CHER ECO CITY?
The overall plan is to build a city that is ECO, Smart, ultra luxury, sports oriented, socially adhesive, community interactive, business networking hub, healthy, happy and humanitarian. CHER Eco city is a chain of Eco cities built at the most suitable locations worldwide, the first at Nepal.
When will the CHE token be tradable on exchanges?
The tokens will be tradable on exchanges at the end of the ICO, May 1st, 2018
How do I pay if I wish to buy Pre-Sale tokens at a discount?
Register at the website and we will contact you and request an LOI stating the amount you wish to purchase. After we receive the LOI we will send you a contract and an invoice. You send the money to our lawyers as stated in the contract and invoice. You will receive the tokens in 2-4 weeks.
How can I stay up-to-date?
To stay up-to-date and be informed about the latest developments, please Signup for our whitelist, visit our Roadmap or follow us on social media.


When does construction begin?
April 1st, 2018
Why should I invest in CHER Ecocity?
CHER Eco city is highly profitable with capitalistically high returns for investors. Token value is designed to be enhanced over time by gradually reducing the token pool. Tokens are designed to be used not only at CHER Eco City but worldwide and also online shopping sites at substantial discounts. CHE Tokens are for investors who are hungry for an investment with the potential to grow their money exponentially.
. How many CHE tokens will be available in the main sale and how many are created in total?
CHER is creating a total supply of 300 million (300,000,000) CHE tokens, of which 160 million (160,000,000) will be available in the tokensale.
Which payment methods will be accepted in the Crowdsale?
We accept Ether, Bitcoin and Litecoin.
When is CHER open for business?
  • Phase 1: End 2019
  • Phase 2: End 2020
  • Phase 2. End 2021
What is the overall construction cost?
  • Phase 1: $200 million
  • Phase 2: $500 million
  • Phase 3: $1.3 billion
Where is the rest of the funding coming from?
Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Private Funds.
Do you have the licenses approved?
Yes (Check out the Whitepaper Page-32 for the Approval)
Have you done the Press Release in Nepal?
What is the name of the Architect?
SYT Consultants
What is the name of your lawyer?
Netto & Magin LLC
Who is the owner of CHER Ecocity and Where is it situated?
Pan Pacific Finance Group, Singapore
Who are your accountants?
Price Waterhouse Coopers